Spoken Affirmations For Panic Attack, Anxiety and to calm down. (Using the law of attraction)


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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety panic attacks can happen without any warning. You may be grocery shopping, in the movies, on a plane or even asleep when the anxiety attack occurs. At some time in our lives we will have anxiety. It is a common feeling in humans. At times some people let anxiety become so intense that it turns into alarming attacks. These attacks can limit your normal life. You become afraid to go out into public because you are fearful another attack will happen and you do not want others to see you during an attack. The anxiety that you have anticipating when another attack will happen can actually be worse than the attack itself.

Some symptoms you might experience are:

*Heart pounding

*Tingling of hands


*Intense shaking

*Flushed face

*Crippling terror


*Tightness in chest, labored breathing

Panic attacks last about half an hour to an hour. After you have suffered an attack you may feel confused or weak but this also will subside. Stress seems to be a major factor in people who have panic attacks. A major change in your life, such as family death, divorce or changing jobs, can also be a factor. New medications, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine have been found to also contribute to panic attacks in some people. Family history can sometimes have a part in why attacks happen. More women have anxiety attacks than do men. There are treatment options available, you just need to find the one that works best for your situation. Some examples of these treatments are breathing techniques, thinking reorganization and relaxation methods.

Video Source : Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music

Source by Dee J Cooper


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