Get Rid! Acne Breakouts Is Detrimental To Physical Well-Being & Emotion Health


Having acne prone skin with severe breakouts not only is detrimental to our physical well-being but affects our emotional health, leaving us wanting to protect ourselves from embarrassment and judgment, whether perceived or real. When we must face the world with pimples covering our faces, we take extreme measures to disguise our condition and conceal ourselves. We hope that people will not notice us and we purposely behave and act in such a way as to not cause attention to ourselves, always fearful that others are judging us. It leaves us feeling lonely, sad and unfulfilled, as if life is passing us by.

Acne is a very public condition, one that we cannot hide. Unlike many physical ailments, when we suffer with acne, it is immediately displayed to everyone in our lives. Most of the time, we cannot pull a ski mask over our faces to shield it from view. Instead, we must be brave and courageous. We develop strategies to enter rooms quietly and avoid conservations, social gatherings and even the company of good friends.

Has your acne caused you such distress that you decided to stay within the safety and security of your home in order to avoid coming face-to-face with people, even those you love? Many people feel the crippling effects of acne on their social life and ultimately the anxiety becomes overwhelming, threatening our mental health. It can be terrifying to meet new people or try to have fun when all we’re thinking about is the splotchy acne covering our foreheads, cheeks and chins, making us terribly self-conscious. 

Those horrible red pimples seem to multiply overnight and as hard as we scrub to rid our faces of them all we do is cause them to become inflamed and even more noticeable and unsightly. Well-meaning people try to console us and give us countless pieces of advice to rid ourselves of these “blemishes”, never realizing we’ve tried all of the supposedly most effective treatments with no success. And the word blemish implies an imperfection that is barely noticeable. When you suffer with intense acne breakouts, it seems to scream “Look at me!” and attract attention from all directions.

Poor skin with active acne, pockmarks and scars affects our livelihood, social status and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we’re judged harshly for it. It’s not uncommon to receive inferior service in restaurants or stores, to be ignored, be turned away or not taken seriously while doing business such as renting an apartment or buying a car. We face more unspoken criticism in job interviews and once on the job as we’re trying to gain promotions and advancements.

Even though we are smart with superior job skills and work habits, we often lose credibility simply because we are afflicted with a skin condition that is no fault of our own. It’s a disease, but it’s a misunderstood one that causes us frustration and even depression. Even if at the onset of our acne, we had a strong identity; it begins to take a hit so that eventually, we begin to feel insecure and doubtful of our abilities. In short, it weakens our self-esteem.

You deserve clear and radiant complexion that is perfectly smooth with an even skin tone. It’s likely the first thing you notice about other people. It’s hard not to judge our own skin against those who have a perfect complexion and then intensely wish for the same. The problem is that wishing for healthy skin does not work, nor do most of the over-the-counter and pharmaceutical acne treatments that are all marketed as the best cure for acne.

At Lilyana, we understand the pain a person who suffers with acne endures. It’s a debilitating condition and we know that it is always weighs heavily on your mind. We feel your torment and our hearts go out to you. Please know that you are not alone, that you are beautiful and handsome and we are hard at work producing time-tested, effective treatment solutions for even the worst acne prone skin. Please see our variety of natural and exclusive acne remedies. We’re dedicated to serving you so you may experience a clear and attractive complexion.


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