Are Digestive Enzymes Helpful?

digestive enzymes

So many of you have reached out to me in the past for advice on how to heal various digestive issues – from food intolerances to gas and bloating. I often get asked about my opinion about digestive enzymes, and whether they can help in alleviating certain digestive concerns.

So what are digestive enzymes? And how can they help?

In the body, you actually produce your own enzymes to help you digest your food and you absorb the nutrients in your food efficiently. There are three main categories of enzymes:

  • Amylase: in charge of converting starch into sugar that your body can easily absorb
  • Protease: breaks down the protein in food into amino acids and peptides
  • Lipase: breaks down the fats in food for optimal absorption.

We all naturally produce multiple different enzymes in these families that help us break down food along the entire digestive tract: in the mouth, stomach, pancreas, small intestines and liver. Sometimes, due to various imbalances in our gut, these enzymes might not work the way they should, or they may not be produced in the way we need, and so we end up with digestive issues. In those cases, taking an enzyme or probiotic supplement might be helpful to help us break down all of the healthy and delicious food that’s great for our bodies.

digestive enzymes

But as with all supplements, not all of them are created equal.

For digestive enzymes specifically, I’m happy to share that I have partnered with 24bio to share a powerful digestive enzyme that has great, clean ingredients and probiotics added! There is nothing artificial added to the capsule, and their enzymes are high quality. I’m in touch with the owner and team at the company, and have talked to them extensively about their products.

If you’ve already seen your doctor about digestive issues and have ruled out any medical conditions, I’d recommend trying 24 Bio’s Digestive Aid Formula!

Source: The Picky Eater


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