Saturday, January 18, 2020

A little bit ABOUT ME


Hi and welcome to my website! I look around the world and search for the newest health advice, diet tips, and workout routines, that have benefited thousands.

A Small Suffering To A Bigger Realization

WeeToWowWellness vision mainly is to create health awareness and empower people to cultivate HABIT in adopting a healthy lifestyle, through simplifying, summarizing and sharing health and wellness articles. Like many in the present world, commitment to work always has been my top priority. It would mean sleeping late and skipping the regular meal just to get work done. On Oct 2008, I suddenly found myself having the problem of falling asleep. Falling sleep becomes a challenge since then; I had to struggle 4 hours every night to get to sleep. To make things worse, I had the problem staying awake in the day. Slowly it affected my work and my loved ones. My health deteriorates drastically. I am always down with either the flu or a cough.

I wanted to get my health and life back so much. I decided to take up a gym, begin my first jog of 100 steps every morning, watch my diet and take up supplements. Through the book “Power Of Habit,” I wanted to create the habit of jogging and heading to the gym so much that I created cues for it. It is either setting up an alarm or influence my friends to the jog

Into my 30 days of getting healthy regime, I finally had my first deep rest.

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