Tuesday, June 28, 2022

    Get Healthy At Home Switch Watching With These Home Walking Videos

    As the world struggles to shrug off the pandemic with lockdowns and work from homes, we spend more time sitting in front of the computer screens and doing less walking than in the past. As we embrace the new normal, we shouldn’t constraint ourselves to less exercise. According to a recent study, it shows that more time walking means less time in hospital.

    A good workout can be as effective as simply walking in the house with a few body variations without disturbing our friendly neighbours downstairs. 🙂

    Meet AllBlanc

    Since launching its YouTube account in 2017, it has amassed 1.67 million subscribers. Found by four fitness vlogger [], the channel focus on K-Pop fitness. The videos are startlingly specific, well suited for people from different age groups. I started following them after experiencing back pain when sitting for long hours working at home. Their workouts are easy to follow and are joint-friendly. One of the workouts that I recommend is the 10,0000 steps workout challenge. Some of the perks while working out is their occasionally “Cold” jokes and Korean sceneries. Do check them out!

    Walk at Home By Leslie Sansone

    Another worth mentioning walking workout YouTube Channel is “Walk at Home By Leslie Sansone”. Created by Leslie Sansone, the workout channel has helped many people to stay active and healthy for over 30 years. The beats in the workouts are well-paced and suited for people from all age range, as well. It has been our morning routine since 2020. We have benefitted from workout video substantially; we felt an increase in energy and vitality. Do check her channel!

    That’s all folks. Stay safe and keep walking.

    Zack Leowhttps://wee2wowwellness.com
    I am from Singapore who experienced chronic insomnia which has turned my health downhill until I started going to the gym. Since then I started reading anything about wellness and would share with it here. "Health is priceless when you lose it. So cherish it and take care of it, It is your next BEST friend in life"

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