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    Have You Tried Root Beer Coffee?

    Must Try

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    I am from Singapore who experienced chronic insomnia which has turned my health downhill until I started going to the gym. Since then I started reading anything about wellness and would share with it here. "Health is priceless when you lose it. So cherish it and take care of it, It is your next BEST friend in life"

    These may be two flavors that you have never considered in your cup of Joe before, but they are quite an interesting combination. There is a specific brand of coffee called Timothy ‘s that has a Spanish Sol root beer-flavored coffee that is being discontinued shortly. However, until that time, you have the opportunity to sample this interesting Java roast that may be one-of-a-kind.

    So what does a root beer flavor have to offer in a cup of Joe? The root beer taste will offer a deep black licorice flavor that does have a mild sweetness in the cup of Joe. This specific type of coffee does have a nice acidity, meaning that it is neither too bright nor too mellow so that you can really experience all of the flavors on your tongue of this unique cup of Joe. This is a wonderful coffee to enjoy in the summertime if you want a nice treat when it is still hot outside. It does have a full-bodied flavor, and it is only offered for a limited time. Interestingly enough, you may not be able to tell by the name, but this coffee does have a root beer taste, so it is important to know what you are getting into.

    This specific type of coffee is made from flavored Arabica coffee beans, so they are specialty grades. They are also certified as kosher [What is a kosher?], and they do give a very full-bodied flavor to your cup of Joe. Another thing to keep in mind is that Spanish Sol is made from the top 1% to 5% of Arabica beans within the coffee growing regions that it was harvested from. That is especially important because it is necessary to choose the most premium beans for the roasting process to create your flavored cup of Joe.

    It is also important to highlight the fact that there are two different types of coffee beans available, which are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is seen to be a higher-quality variety, and they will often times be more expensive. However, you will be getting what you pay for because these are premium beans that are well worth the money. Robusta is a cheaper variety of coffee beans, but it does contain more caffeine. They often have a bitter and flatter flavor because they are grown in lesser quality conditions.

    If you want to experience all of the deep root beer flavors that this coffee has to offer, then it is good to know it is made with Arabica coffee beans because those are the variety that you can trust. Often times, Arabica beans are grown in a higher altitude, so they have the opportunity to develop more slowly so that their flavors become more complex. Regardless, so much of the fun of sampling different types of flavored coffees is in all of the varieties available to you. I bet you have never even thought of drinking root beer-flavored coffee, which is why you should definitely sample this cup of Joe before it is too late!

    Mixing Coffee and Root Beer Tastes Better Than A&W Root Beer

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