Friday, May 27, 2022

    Strengthen Your Baby Muscles With This Body Position Exercise

    As new parents, we want the best for our babies and delighted with joy when he/she hits a milestone. In the first 6 months, our babies seem like spending a lot of time lying. Still, our little ones actually engage in energetic workouts [kicking her legs, fidgeting during diaper change] every day. To aid them in recognizing his/her body awareness faster, even when she’s brand new [0 to 3 months], take a look at “Body Position” exercise. This exercise fundamentally will support all the gross motor milestones to come.

    Place your baby face-up on a mat and folding the edges, rock him from one side to the other. Next, lay him down on the mat. Carefully flex and stretch his arms on his sides and above his or her head. Now, take his hands towards the center of his body and gently spin him from side to side. This exercise will help your baby develop muscle tone and flexibility.

    Reference: Kinedu

    Mary Sand
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