Time Blocking 101: Step-By-Step Guide


1. Time Blocking

It’s the practice of planning out every moment of your day in advance and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities. When you fill your calendar with the task and things you want to do, it’s harder for others to steal your time.

2. Time Blocking & Focus

By scheduling every minute of your day you not only guard against distraction but also multiple your focus. Also focusing on one task at a time can make you up to 80% more productive than splitting your attention across multiple task.

3. Cons Of The Time Blocking Practice

  • It takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Few of us (if any) have the same schedule every day.
  • We’re bad at estimating how long task will take to do.
  • Constant interruptions and “urgent” tasks can destroy your system.
  • Flexibility is key in most workplace.
  • You can lose sight of the bigger picture if you focus just on each day.