Tuesday, June 28, 2022

    Wants To Look Casually Smart To End Your Work Week? A Nerd’s Guide

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    We all been there, especially for DEVELOPERS/PROGRAMMERS. Once in awhile, we want to end our work week with zest, in a comfy way by wearing casually smart. However, to be honest, the concept of casually stylish boils down to every individual opinion. In other words, one may think his clothes style for the day has fulfilled the topic, but others perceived otherwise.

    The question of how to wear smart is one that has a tendency to leave even style-savvy men experiencing a degree of uncertainty. With this in mind, we experimented and paired the garments for the best result. That is to be casually stylish with confidence. Here’s our top 4 selection you need to know.

    The Canoeing Look

    In 2019, we saw a rising trend in an all-natural look. Combined kakis pants with any forestry green shirt to achieve a pleasing look while retaining the gutsy impression. Packed the bottom with a pair of white shoes to preserve the nerdy charisma. The simplicity of this style is irresistible as the combination has it’s own perks, regardless of any occasion. While opting for a full-fledged iconic look, you have to be careful about keeping it a bit less than a costume and to over the top.

    The Semi-Office Wear

    Wear smart and work smart with comfort is the tagline for this style. You can easily pair your regular days’ work shirt with either jeans or slacks. As for color matching, you should never opt for one vibrant color to be combined with another. A good instance will be yellow pants with a blue shirt! Always choose colors that are subdued and harmony with each other. You can enhance the nerd look with a pair of black-framed glasses.

    Adidas Street Wear Look

    If you are in a big fan of streetwear, you may like to take a look at Adidas, particularly Adidas Originals series. Adidas Original is a line of casual sports clothing that expresses your retro creativity. Mix and match the shirt and pants nicely, you can get a fresh take on street style with classic accents.

    Slim Casual Look

    When you prefer something that is sleek and rugged, why not try a slim casual look. Perhaps, it is the best means to express your true sense of personal style, as there is not restriction and offer plenty of freedom and flexibility, as long as both tops and bottoms are slim and fit.

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